World Championships Starts Today……OHHHH YEAHHHH!!!!!

Team 1389’s season may have ended a few weeks ago, but for 608 of FRC’s finest teams their season is kicking into overdrive this this week.   Those 30,000+ students who are making the trek to St Louis are about to have a life changing event at the 2015 FIRST World Championships.  The FIRST World Championships is 3 days of FRC competitions, FTC competitions, and FLL competitions with over 40,000 people in attendance cheering, screaming, dressing funny and dancing all in support of learning.  Our hat’s are off to the team’s who earned their spot to this year’s event, especially the team’s from Maryland:

  • FRC 836, RoboBees – Archimedes
  • FRC 1111, PowerHawks – Newton
  • FRC 1629, GaCo – Carson
  • FRC 2377, C Company – Carson
  • FRC 2534, The Lakers – Carson
  • FRC 3941, TechBrick Robotics – Tesla
  • FRC 4541, Cav-ineers – Newton
  • FRC 4945 Titanium Wrecks – Carver
  • FTC 8221, Cubix – Franklin
  • FTC 3113, Some Disassembly Required – Edison
  • FTC 7182, Mechanical Paradox – Edison
  • FTC 5916, Bo-Bots – Edison
  • FTC 4318, Green Machine Reloaded – Franklin
  • FLL 9764, TechWeb
  • FLL 5709, Mindstorm Masterminds
  • FLL 161, Fast and Curious
  • Jr.FLL 418, SWAT BOTs

The FIRST World Championships also brings out over 100 of the top universities and recruiters from many more universities who are scoping out the best in high school STEM talent in much the same way you get recruiters at high school sporting events.  These recruiters are hoping to talk to the top team’s and lure their seniors with free rides and access to undergraduate research.  Above all, FIRST World Championships is a place for kids of all ages to see that people can go just as crazy for nerdy things as they can for sports or entertainment events.  This may not sound like a big deal, but to many kids this is only event in the world that makes people jump up and down with pure joy for science.

You can watch along with ten’s of thousands of people from around the world this week via a webcast sponsored by NASA.  The links are here and will also be available on the Blue Alliance.

As soon as it is over we are going to double our efforts to be one of the lucky team’s to attend the last World Championship Event that FIRST is going to host in 2016.  Please join our team as a sponsor, volunteer, mentor or student to make this dream a reality.

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