Working to make our week 6 event our 2nd of 3 events

The team decided to make some modification to the robot to improve its capabilities for week.  Add a tote blocker, redo the electronics board for better FTA access and modify the ramp to eliminate the catching issue we encountered in a few matches last week.

We also met on Monday to go over all of the likes and dislikes from last weekend. To sum it up, the team was pretty happy with our performance last weekend and wants to improve and have been working hard the last few days to make changes to our bot, our judging materials and our strategy.  Because the competition this weekend is going to much stiffer we are also chaning our word of the day from “safety” to “make it happen”

See everyone in 2 days at the Chesapeake Regional – 4/2/15 to 4/4/15 – College Park, MD



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