WOOO HOOOO, We are getting back into the school today

After 8 snow days in a row we are finally getting back into the school.  The team is absolutely ready to go.  Check out these manufacturing plans and fabrication schedule that our lead integrator put together with his copious amount of time off last week.

major assemblies

Our system team put together an input/output layout for the entire robot and also listed all the robots code enabled functionality.

Our scouting team has completed our strategy document draft and will be adding to this going forward for the awards due this Thursday.

thank you

Thanks to Farish Perlman and Lori Newsome for the amazing work this week ordering parts, communicating with the school and negotiating extra hours for next week.

Thanks to jean Waye for organizing the parent volunteers for the extra shifts, and all of the amazing parents who are staffing those shifts so that we can try and make up for the time lost this week.

Thanks to Ben Strobel at UMD for doing some late night machining for us at the University of Maryland.  We know it was a big lift since the UMD SAE racing team is in the middle of their build season. Good luck this year folks.

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