What a Great Weekend

At our second regional event we ended up seeded 8th with a 70.66 pt average, became the 6th alliance captain, finishing 5th and won the quality award.  This was an amazing end to a great season that saw the team make some big strides towards becoming an elite team.  The head referee came up to us this year and said that our robot was one of the best he has seen from a local team.

Thanks to our alliance partners 2537 and 4547 for making the eliminations exciting. And a special shout out to team 4547 for being willing to work with us and add a 2 can auton device.

Congrats to 1690, 2363 and 4050 for putting together an impressive alliance.

The team is psyched and has already started thinking about next season. We are going to be meeting in a few weeks to nail down what we can do between now the start of the 2016 season to make better robots and start our journey to becoming a chairman’s teams.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this season possible!!!!

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