What a day

Wow,  What a game. Strong hold is by far one of the most complex games we have seen FIRST come up with.

We barley made it through the strategy discussion because there are so many facets to the game.   The students definitely learned a lot today, but felt rushed as we had to make big decisions about our baseline strategy.  We will be having some virtual meeting Sunday to go over additional strategy options as we get ready for the week of prototyping.

We had 38 students show up at kickoff, which is by far the biggest kickoff event we have ever held. we came up with over 50 robot capabilities and 15 robot strategies that could be viable.  We also came up with a few that are a little more questionable.  Good to see some of the folks on CD think as crazy as we do;

Getting back to reality, here were some images from today.


Over the next few days we will also be watching all of the three day builds.

Team Indiana
Team oRyon
Snow Problem
Team Redacted
Team Tesla
The GreenHorns
Team Cockamamie

Follow the action here:

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