Week 5 Has Started and we are 50% done building.

Good progress was made today; the lift tray is nearly complete, the long lifter legs are almost done, the lift drive members are drilled and the drive train is nearly done being modified to a mullet drive.   Things are looking good for Monday as the day we will drive and operate the lift for the first time.  If we hit that mile stone we are going to add an H-drive component and intake arms to the bot if we have the weight.  Keeping fingers crossed for Monday.

We added a few videos to our 2015 build playlist today as well.

The drive team was able to get together and nailed down all of our autonomous modes.  The team has also decided to try and get an IMU working to make some of our more challenging auton modes more likely to be successful. Let the programming begin.


Something else that the drive team talked about, was a way to pick up 2 containers off the step in auton.  It looks like this will be our week1-4 development project that may allow us to kick it up a notch at the DC regional.

17 days left…..getting excited!!!

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