Week 1 Recap


Week one is in the books and wow, what a week. Over 30 team members attended kick off at USRA last Saturday and then drove back to the lab for our initial game break down. Our team settled on our primary goals for the season: drop off on switch and scale, drop a cube in either the switch or scale in autonomous, pick cube up from the ground in 10 seconds or less, drop cubes in the exchange, and climb. Our secondary goals are to drop off on both the switch and scale in auto and climb another robot. After the week prototyping a multitude of different ideas, from catapults to arms to cascading elevators, we settled on designing a cascading elevator with an arm on the end that can pick up on either side. Our plans for the coming week include finishing our design, detail prototyping our mechanisms, and drive practice. The entire team is enthused about the amazing game and we look forward to building and competing with our robot.

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