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20150403_153504The Walt Whitman Robotics Club is currently seeking community partners and sponsors to help expand our reach to more students and schools throughout Southern Maryland. We want every student in Southern Maryland on a path that leads to friendship, school spirit, technical education, and a bright future after graduation from high school through after school and summer robotics programs.

Robotics programs give high school students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience with science and technology. These include opportunities in computer programming, electrical engineering, physics, pneumatics, and structural engineering. In addition, Robotics lets students apply knowledge they gain in their school classes to real world applications, gives them experience working one-on-one with professional engineers to solve complex problems, and teaches them business skills and communications skills.

The Walt Whitman Robotics Club is lead by over 10 volunteer engineers, scientists, grad students, parents, teachers and people from the community who want to give back and helps kids see STEM as fun and not just homework. In our last year we worked with over 40 high school students and have seen enough of a change in how these kids think that we are smitten with the idea of using robotics competitions to make learning fun.

Running these programs is not cheap, and building robots that can actually move when is not easy. For example, at the High School level, programs are charged a $1,500 fee for the kit of parts and an additional $5,000 fee for each event they plan to attend. So it is with that reality that we are turning to the community and Leaders like you to help us get the funding we need to make these teams possible.

With your assistance we can;

  • Continue to assist the Walt Whitman students we are working with over the summer and the 2015-2016 school year
  • Get more students and schools involved in robot competitions and STEM activities at all levels
  • Participate in events across the region to spread the word about your involvement and the opportunities available for students with the hopes of connecting students with professionals from all kinds of technical fields.
  • Build a Southern Maryland STEM, robotics lab and science work space so that the lack of manufacturing training in the region can be back filled by hands on machining training by experienced volunteer machinists.

donate-459x306We are asking for your support in whatever form you can give. We will gratefully accept any monetary donations that you are able to give us. We can also use machining/manufacturing services, donations of raw building materials or hardware components, and volunteer help from both engineering and non‐engineering mentors. If you are interested in helping please contact us for more information.

You use technology every day. Just think about what would happen to the modern world if suddenly no one else was interested in becoming a scientist or engineer. Despite the large price tag, the Walt Whitman Robotics Club gives back by educating young students about science and technology and inspiring them to put their skills to use in the real world. Having more students in the our program equates to there being more students who will enjoy studying science, technology, and engineering, as well as more students who will merely go to college. Please support us to help ensure the existence of future technological advancements while giving young people the opportunity to explore a whole new world.

There are several ways to help the team

  • Donate Space

The Club is in need of a new work space for the 2014-2015 school season. If you have a space that the club could use on evenings and weekends we would be very excited to hear from you. Please email us admin@team1389.com

  • Donate Resources

The Club needs funding, food, space and other logistical help to keep the team going. You can Donate below or contact the team to learn more. Join our list of current donors. Click here to learn about the various donor levels

  • Donate Tools or Materials to the Team

The Club needs tools and materials to get ready for this fall’s build season. Please click tools or materials to see if anything that is old to you could be new to us.

  • Donate Services

Does your company make things, print things, do things or sell things? Our club is in essence a small business and has many of the same needs for printing, machining, parts, and other services that your company may provide.

  • Purchase LED Light Bulbs

The team is selling LED light bulbs as a fund raiser. please consider buying one or two bulbs or cases today.

  • Help Spread the Word

We need to change to the world. To do that we need a lot of help and a big megaphone. If you can email your customers, send a blast to your followers or just put a poster up in your store it will help increase the size of our megaphone and the opportunities for Bethesda students.

Please consider Becoming a sponsor today by contacting us at admin@team1389.com


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