We need a Safety Glasses Sponsor

eyewearThe team is running low on safety glasses and need to replenish its stock.  We are in need of 48+ pairs of safety glasses for the season.  If you or your company would be willing to donate some or all of the safety glasses we need please contact admin@team1389.com.  Or you can surprise us and mail them to 7100 Whittier Blvd, Bethesda, MD 20817 Attn: Walt Whitman Robotics Club.

Safety glasses are worn by every student, volunteer and mentor every time they are in the lab and power tools are being used. They are also mandatory for every person to wear while they are in the pits at competitions.  Since they are worn so often glasses often break or get scratched.  Each year the team need to replace 2 dozen safety glasses to make sure there are enough available for 38 people to be in the lab at any one time, Because we have had a much more successful recruiting effort this year the team thinks it will need enough safety glasses for 45-50 people in the lab at any one time.

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