We learned everything we needed to learn today

“We needed everything we needed to learn today” best quote of day came from one of our freshman coders and sums up the day we spent at the STEM Action Center perfectly. So let’s review what we learned;

  • The drive train is the geared well and gives us plenty of speed and power
    • These 6 wheel high torque drives will push through just about everything
    • The defense dividers are most likely going to break at competition
    • The connections points to the polycarb used on the sides of the field will be stressed out significantly this year
  • The goal of doing 5-6 boulder cycles in 2 minutes is achievable without defense into the low goal
    • Most tank drives may only be able to do 4 cycles max
  • The drive train without the arm can easily deal with the rock wall, the rough terrain, the ramparts and the low bar.
    • We can go strait over the rock wall and rough terrain.
    • We need to turn into the ramparts to go over them
  • Our drive train without the arm can not deal with the moat as is
    • We got stuck every time we tried
  • The drive train can easily partner with teams to do the sally port and the drawbridge
  • Everything needs to be secured…EVERYTHING!!!  Or it will be bounced loose
    • Our electrical board needs to be redone
    • We lost connection several times because of wires being jostled
  • Partners with tank treads will be a helpful to most alliances being able to do a breach quickly
    • They may be slow, but they can do B & D defenses without an issue
  • The robots structure needs to be extremely robust to withstand constantly going over the defenses
    • We need to add some more strength to critical parts of the robot
  • Our shooter’s power is adequate for the job and may only need to be boosted by 5 to 10 feet to useful in nearly any position in the courtyard

Thanks to Bill Duncan for his time today spent letting us come in and use the the field.

Prior to our arrival at the STEM Action Center out team was burning the midnight oil to get the new turret built so it could be tested today.  However, we ran into some clearance issues so we will need to remake the turret spacers to get that cleared up so we can start testing the arm.

Tonight, the team is again going to be working into the wee hours of the morning to be ready for more coding work to be done tomorrow.

Here is what the team has left to do;

  • Drive train – done
  • Bumpers – started
  • Electrical board – done
  • Turret arm prototype – done
  • Turret arm – started
  • Turntable – started
  • Shooter – started
  • Vision – started
  • Main code – started
  • Strategy – done
  • Scouting system – started
  • Awards – started
    • Chairman’s – done
    • Wood Flowers – done
    • Entrepreneurship – done
    • Dean’s – done
    • Chairman’s video – started
  • Competition documents – not started
    • Tech Journal – not started
    • Judges Packet – not started
    • 1 sheeter – not started
    • Safety Binder – not started
    • Pit Video – not started
    • Chairman’s presentation – not started
  • Pre-competition scouting – started
  • Inviting local leaders to events – done
  • Bellypan – done
  • Pre season scouting and risk survey – started
  • Reveal video – not started
  • Climber – not started
  • Defensive Cheescake – not started
  • Wiring installation – started
  • Chairman’s video – not started
  • Driver Selection – not started
  • Team Standard – started
  • T-shirt – started
  • Battery cart refurbish – not started
  • Refurbish battery leads – not started
  • Refurbish robot cart – not started
  • Paint Pit – not started


Here are some updated vids from build season this year

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