We are in

We are in. The team is actually back in the shop.  What a great feeling.  However the relief of getting back in to work on robots was short lived.  We started assembling the drive train and realized some of our pieces were cut wrong. we started working on our prototype and realized some of the circumference math was wrong and we started working on our bumpers and cut the wood incorrectly. Soooo we have some rework to do in addition to building a robot that needs to be powered on and fully functioning by the 6th.  Here is the status of our major components;

  • Drive train – started
  • Bumpers – started
  • Electrical board – started
  • Turret arm prototype – started
  • Turret arm – not started
  • Turntable – not started
  • Shooter – not started
  • Vision – started
  • Main code – started
  • Strategy – started
  • Scouting system – started
  • Awards – started

After the 6th, the code team gets the robot for an entire week to get the ballistic calculations, vision and control code finalized. Then from the 14th on its all driver practice all the time till bag day.   The clock is ticking and the pressure is on to make up for the lost days.

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