Watching, working and learning

Lots of competitions to watch and learn from over the last 2 weeks.  148‘s feeder bot, 118‘s amazing can flipper, 1114‘s can flipper, 3310‘s auton CT grabber…. Lots to learn.

We have 3 weeks left till our first FIRST FRC regional and we have a lot to get done:

– upload robot picture to TIMS
– upload judges info to TIMS
– optimize robot cart
– complete porta pit
– build display station
– create robot panel attachment
– write judges packet
– write team 1 pager
– find $8,000 in sponsors
– create chairman’s video
– practice for dean’s list presentation
– practice for chairman’s presentation
– practice for talking to judges
– select scouting team
– select pit team
– select judging team
– create scouting system
– create control station
– create please sponsor us video
– create sponsor thank you video
– create we need mentor video
– create whitman parents video
– create game explanation post cards 4 x 6
– Repair or create new battery cart
– build 2 can auton device
– Build new intake arms
– Team Safety Manual in binder
– program 20pt auton with navX


The team is also really excited its Navx has come in. We are working on getting a 20 pt auton working so that we get an extra stack.

We have also been prototyping some auton CT arms that we could use on our robot or an alliance member’s robot. it should be a lot of fun to get working since it is so explosive.

In preparation for the competition we are getting our kit of repair and replacement parts ready. Here is what we have to bring

Things to fix at competition
– wires on back of bot
– secure electronics
– attach IMU
– potentially need to move IR sensors

– fix lift tray front bearings to minimize trapping containers
– fix back plastic tab and make it shorter to allow tubs to move backwards
– fix tabs to make them easier to pick up tabs
– replace left main lift pulley
– add 2 extra bearings to the backside of lift tray
– add back missing bolts to the top of the robot
– right size long bolts
– potentially fix intake slowdown tab

– test imu
– test autons


The team also looked back at this build season to learn what is can do better for next year

– working robot before end of build season
– time to test
– better division of responsibility
– more organized

– behind schedule
– should have robot before week 5
– too much waiting on parts
– need more organization
– need more tasks for each person each day
– need a more specific schedule
– seniors did not show up consistently
– people did not work as much as they could have when they were there
– single copy of CAD

– have an assignment board
– use more due dates and deadlines
– need 3 student CAD people
– need students design integrate who can distribute tasks
– have CAD machine in the design lab (or laptops who can handle CAD)
– more fund raising
– Improved org structure, with roles and responsibilities defined
– clear plan for students to do work (spread the knowledge at the beginning of the build season
– have the integrator at the lab consistently
– reduce the knowledge gap both before and during build season
– meet more often in fall
– get forms and safety test done sooner in the fall

– waiting for parts
– playing blame game
– leaving unfinished work
– not cleaning up your own mess
– not handing off projects to people who are staying in the lab


And lastly the team has created a vision for the future that would be very impressive to achieve.

In 4 years we want to do
– winning a regional
– be a top seed at regional
– have swerve drive as an option
– have the ability to make more complicated designs
– a better fund raising budget (100,000)
– build 2 robots every year
– multiple fabrication sponsors
— sheet metal
— laser cutting
— powder coat
– have our own build space
– build an entire field

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