Walt Whitman is Hosting an FRC District Event!!!!


Some hard work by some of our students, mentors, parents, Walt Whitman School Officials, TEACHERS, Maryland FIRST employees, volunteers from across the national capital region and some STEM Action employees has resulted in Walt Whitman being selected to host an FRC District Event.  This is awesome news and we can not say THANK YOU!!! enough to all of the people that helped make this possible.


The team will have a lot of hard work ahead as it prepares to have a breakout FRC season and host an FRC event in March.  We will need all of the volunteers and mentors we can get to pull this off.  If you have any time, interest, ideas or energy we would love to hear from you. If you have some time to volunteer in the spring or just March 11-13 2016 we would love to have you.


Volunter Interest Form

Host teams in the CHS region may only be responsible for concessions, volunteer food, and machine shops at the event. The FIRST Chesapeake Steering Committee will be doing most of the heavy lifting when it comes to planning and running the event.  The FIRST Chesapeake Steering Committee is also in need of volunteers. Please consider volunteering here http://mdfirst.org/get-involved/volunteers.

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