This is the season! We are one step closer to Einstein…

Prior to the beginning of the season the team outlined some goals for the season, the goals are listed below. We also started to talk about playing on the field named Einstein. To get to play here would mean we are one of the best 24 teams in the world this year. To earn a spot on this field is incredibly challenging, but if we do, our team’s life will be changed forever. This is one of those rare places on earth where great minds are forged and the flame of passion becomes a raging inferno of can do…..must do…..will do! That is why we compete, that is why we chase perfection, that is why we skip sleep and that is why we robot. We are chasing greatness and this weekend is the next step we have to take to earn a spot there. This weekend we need to play well enough to finish ranked in the top 6. This is going to be very hard to do because of all of the great competitors we are going to see. But it has to happen, we need to demonstrate that we are good enough to earn a spot to world championships where we will get an opportunity to compete to play on Einstein. ARE YOU READY?

2015-2016 Team 1389 Goals:

  • Lab organization – we did better
  • Win regional and go to worlds! – we are going to try and make this a reality over the next 3 days
  • Team 1/4 girls – we did better
  • Finish robot earlier in build season – we did better
  • Score autonomous points – we accomplished
  • Fundraising more – we did better
  • Outreach – we did better
  • 2-4k for last seasons cost – we raised 2k
  • Hold mock build seasons this summer and fall – we did not accomplish

IF you can’t join us in person, you can watch us live via web stream at this location

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