The Trip to St Louis is a Go

Team 1389 will be joined by team 4242 and team 1712 as we continue our pursuit of playing on the last Einstein field ever.  We are leaving on Tuesday and returning Sunday, you can go take a look at our detailed agenda in a previous post.   Last night we also had our parent meeting where we discussed the details of the trip and went through all of the paperwork we need to get completed by noon on Tuesday.


Results and Expectations Concept

We also went through the expectations of student and volunteers traveling and have asked all those going on the trip to review the team’s policies. All parents traveling with the team are also considered volunteers for this trip.



The team started to discuss possible extra curricular activities and several parents brought up concerns about AP exams on May 2nd.  So they wanted to be clear that students priority list should go in this order;

  1. Family
  2. Academics
  3. Robots



For this reason we are encouraging students to take all the time they need to student while they are on this trip.  That includes the time on the on the bus.




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