The strategy is locked in

Big day yesterday. We locked in our strategy and have moved on to detail design.  Our CAD team is hard at work taking all of the decisions made yesterday and turning them into a robot.  Gear ratios are being calculated, sensors are being picked and free body diagrams are being drawn.  In a nut shell, this week will be all about the Math.  To make the equations match reality we will be doing a full robot prototype this week to start to test nearly every aspect of our design so that we leave as little as possible up to chance.

The team has locked in out awards approach. This is a little more flexible as we will be having our first awards meetings this week to start writing.

The team has all but 4 field elements completed.  We should have them all done by the end of the week.  We are also going to make a second Sally Port to send over to the STEM Action center so that all of teams in the area have a complete set of fields to practice on.

We are in a bit of a bind from a parts perspective at the moment.  Now that we know what we are doing, many of our suppliers are out of what we need.  A very specific pain point is the lack of pneumatic wheels, until we get a full set we can’t pick out drive team. So next week we will be feverishly trying to get parts ordered before they run out again… Fingers crossed.



Video from our workshop this weekend.


PS. you will learn more about a strategy in week 6…

PSS. One Hint. One of our tertiary goals is named the guillotine, Muh huh hu ha ha ha ha !!!!!

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