The Parts are Here

Week 4 was a bit of a slow week as we were held for parts.  But as of last night, most of our parts have come in. Woo Hooo.  We have cut almost all of the pieces of the lifter and the lifting frame. we have started to modify the kit bot to be a Mullet H drive. and we have started to combine all of the bearings and spacers to make the lift glides.  We had one Uh Oh moment when our long belt supplier came back with a 5 week lead time. We were not able to find a suitable replacement so we are going to modify our design a bit to accept an open belt solution for the long lift belt.

Another cool thing that happened this week was that our IR sensors came in. We ordered 10 of them to place around the robot to help us determine lift location. We are going to use them in autonomous to guide the lift motors and in teleop to make a hybrid autonomous controls to help the manipulator.  The coding team was also able to get both the drive encoders working and the roborio accelerometers integrated into the drive code. this will allow us to control our direction a bit better and put a max acceleration and de-acceleration limit on the drive to help keep the tote stack from tipping.

By the end of this weekend we should have all of our primary mechanical goals built and working. As a reminder here is what they were.

  • Half U frame with Inline 6.
  • Belt driven fork lift
  • Static arms similar to Andy mark 3 day fork lift that can lift both tubs and cans
  • 4 x CIM drive motors
  • Belt driven fork lift

The team has added one goal to this list that will also be incorporated by Monday. A feeder intake ramp.

If the team is able to get this done by monday they can work on the secondary mechanical objectives.

  • Modify into H drive
  • Add alignment arms
  • 2 x Banebot for H drive
  • 2 x Banebot for alignment arms

Our one man awards team is kicking it into high gear this week and will have drafts of all of the award documents ready for review by the end of week 4.  Go team Samad.


One last piece of exciting news is that we picked our drive and coaching team.  Now they get to start doing the following:

  • Practicing
  • Practicing
  • Practicing

Here are some Photos and updated videos for the week.

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