The drive train is done

Two days before the big snow storm that is going to keep us out of the shop for 4 days… We finished the CAD for the drive train and are doing our first big parts order tomorrow so that when we get back next Tuesday we can get right to work. The team is also building a complete robot prototype so that we can check all of the systems and make sure the geometry works.  Right now we are still on schedule to get done building by the end of week 4. Woo Hoo!!!

The electrical and coding team were playing with their new versa flex encoders connected to talons and have made the descision to use talons for every aspect of the robot to reduce wiring. In addition to all of this robot fun, the team has a plan for getting awards, graphics, flags, posters, story boarding for chairman’s, writing, video production and technical documents.  We are going to put these snow days to good use.

Here are some pics of the shop tonight, and maybe if you look really hard you may see our drive base…

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