The Battle O’Baltimore is this weekend

The Battle O’Baltimore is this weekend and we are really excited to attend our first Off season event. For those who are not aware, BoB is an unofficial off-season event. The game will be Recycle Rush, and we will be bringing our 2015 bot. These kinds of competitions are a great opportunity to get some low-stakes practice in and meet teams. It’s Saturday, September 26, at McDonogh High School, outside of Baltimore.

If you are interested in going, please fill out this attached form.

And if you are planning on going you will need your team paper work filled in and handed in by Friday.




The  team will be meeting today at 2:30 pm to talk to new students and get the following actions completed;

  • Identify students who are attending
  • Finalize tool and pit inventory to take
  • Identify drivers
  • Finalize schedule for Friday load in and Saturday competition
  • Identify drive team
  • Identify pit crew

Let’s make this season the Loudest ever!!!

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