Thanks for a Great Battle O’Baltimore

Thanks to everyone who planned, volunteered and sponsored the Battle O’Baltimore. Our team could not have had a better time and are above impressed by the quality of the event you ran over the weekend.

We had two drive teams get experience, we had a pit team repair a major lift mechanism failure in 10 minutes, we had an ambassador help walk Battle O’Baltimore sponsors through he event, we had a one man scouting team, and above all we had a lot of fun. As a bonus, we made it the semi finals and finished 3rd. Thanks to our team members 8888 (FRC888‘s second team) and our alliance captain FRC1885 for a great run.

Best quote of the weekend “Driving is really hard, we should fix that for next year.”

Thanks to the parents who drove everyone and organized getting the team to and from the event.

Next stop, Girl Power on October 10th.

Here are some of the videos of our matches

Here are some images from the event.


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