Team 1389 and Liftzilla are on the move this week

Several of our students are attending the 2015 2nd Annual FIRST National Advocacy Conference Presented by FRC 27 Team RUSH this week. They are learning the ins and outs of our political system and meeting teams from across the country.  Our students are coordinating with teams from across Maryland to educate federal and state political leaders on re-authorization of The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). The Bill funds many k-12 educational programs including after school mentor based STEM programs.  FIRST is interested in this bill because it could enable the creation of many more teams.  Our team is interested in it because it could give Maryland more freedom to start and support FIRST teams across the state.  We will give you more of an update later this week.

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Liftzilla was also out and about the town making an appearance at the United Therapeutics grand opening of its FIRST space in downtown Silver Spring.  Liftzilla will be hanging out there for summer to help the community and United Therapeutics employees learn more about local FIRST programs.   Will Hedberg a team 1389 alumnus even stopped by to check out the team’s 2015 award winning robot.  Where will Liftzilla be next?

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