Student Signup Form

Student Signup Form

Medical Card

Provide the team with a copy of the front and back of current student's medical insurance card.

MCPS Medical Card Students Get their parent or guardian to sign

MCPS Medical Liability Waiver Student and parent must both print name, sign, date and return to the Club Treasurer.

Student-Parent Participation Contract Review and turn in last 3 pages with student name and ID, AND both student and parent must print name, then sign, and date.

Sign-up ONLINE with FIRST

Remember first student and then parent must login and sign-up on FIRST. If parent does not follow-up with email generated by students request to join team and create a login and authorize student to participate ONLINE, student is NOT allowed to participate.

Donation Check Make donation check payable to WWHS Robotics Team Acct# 3530.0002

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