Student Expectations


Are you ready to have fun?

Before we do we need to get some of the expectations, rules and club policies out of the way.

Walt Whitman Robotics Club members are expected to adhere to the following club commitments both within the club build space and when in the community:

Club members shall commit to:

  • Behaving in a positive and professional manner at all times
  • Treating oneself, other club members, club mentors, parent volunteers and visitors with dignity and respect
  • Respecting and showing responsibility for the resources made available to all students on the club
  • Using one’s time wisely and in service to the goals of the club
  • Participating in all aspects of club functions (meeting, training, build, fundraising, community service, and social) to productively support the club’s mission statement
  • Presenting oneself professionally by wearing the club’s uniform and being prepared at all required events
  • Maintaining good academic and behavioral standing at school


Discrimination based upon race, sex, religion, or sexual orientation is strictly prohibited. Discrimination is unwanted, persistent harassment behavior that hurts another’s dignity or creates an intimidating, hostile or humiliating atmosphere will not be tolerated. Harassment includes unwarranted or invalid criticism, fault-finding, derogatory comments, inappropriate jokes, gestures, leering or staring, and/or hostile or aggressive touches.

Sexual Harassment is any unwanted and/or inappropriate sexual language and/or touching that makes the school environment feel unsafe and hostile. Sexual harassment affects self-esteem and interferes with an individual’s ability to learn, study, work, and participate in school activities in a comfortable atmosphere and will not be permitted.


The Walt Whitman Robotics Club strives to create a multicultural team environment that celebrates diversity through sensitivity, advocacy, leadership, education, and responsiveness to students and their special needs. As a publicly supported MCPS club, we will maintain our commitment to having a diverse volunteer, mentor, and student participation by encouraging a diverse team atmosphere and expanding our efforts to recruit volunteers, mentors and students from diverse backgrounds and life experiences, especially those from demographic groups historically underrepresented in STEM activities.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Use

The club will not tolerate the illegal use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substances. All club members are to abide by all school, city, and state regulations regarding these areas.

Computer Usage

The use of any Walt Whitman Robotics club computer equipment or network access for purposes other than those directly related to club activities and educational activities is prohibited.

Acceptable uses of computer resources include:

  • Accessing the Internet for obtaining technical information
  • Accessing the Internet for researching robotics related subjects
  • Accessing the Internet for designing robot components and systems
  • Accessing the Internet for creating video animations
  • Accessing the Internet for building the club web pages and media activities
  • Accessing the Internet for software development

Unacceptable use of computer resources includes:

  • checking personal email
  • playing games
  • downloading files

Prohibited behaviors during any and all club related activities

  • Inappropriate language toward adult and student club members
  • Disruptive or inappropriate conduct
  • Arriving late for group activities and travel
  • Inappropriate dress/attire (revealing or sexually suggestive clothing, clothing that has any reference to alcohol, drugs, sex or weapons)
  • Noncompliance with curfew and bed check rules
  • Leaving premises or assigned hotel rooms without permission from adult mentor
  • Romantic involvement involving physical contact may not take place during club activities.
  • Harassment of any type, including sexual, gender-based, or ethnic slurs.
  • Vandalism of any type at school, hotels, venues or at any club related location
  • Using, possessing, selling or being under the influence of any and all illegal drugs, controlled substances, alcoholic beverages, or tobacco products (Violations of drug, alcohol and tobacco rules will result in immediate travel home, at parents’ expense.)

Administrative expectation

All students will know, understand and comply with this Code of Conduct and competition policies of fair play and gracious professionalism.

All students will comply with requests made by teachers, mentors and parents at all competition sites and any club related activities.

All Walt Whitman Robotics club safety precautions must be followed at all times, including the proper use of safety goggles in all specified areas.

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