Safety Policy

The mentors and volunteers of the Walt Whitman Robotics Club are dedicated foremost to offer practical applications of academic skills, and to encourage an appreciation for math, science and technology. Through cooperation with our students, we hope to inspire them to achieve high levels of excellence in education and in life. As a club we will strive to maintain the safest learning experience and environment possible. With this said, students at various levels will be exposed to power tools and other mechanisms that do have the potential to injure. For this reason the club has a set safety policy that will be followed at all times.

  • Club members will act in a safe manner AT ALL TIMES. This includes during any club-related activity, traveling to club events, and during competitions.
  • Club members will be respectful of the Safety Captain(s) and adhere to any requests made by the Safety Captain(s).
  • Club members will be expected to complete training on the use of specific tools and equipment before using them. Power tools or equipment may only be used under the supervision of an adult mentor.
  • Club members will be expected to wear safety glasses at work sites and in the pit area at all competitions. In addition, club members may be asked to wear gloves, masks, and ear protection during certain tasks.
  • Horseplay will not be tolerated at any time in the work areas.
  • All work areas will be cleaned up at the end of every day including sweeping the floors and work surfaces, putting away tools and materials, and throwing away trash.
  • Club members will not directly or indirectly give out personal information about themselves or other team members while using club communication tools such as a forum.

The team uses the following powered tools. You must watch the safety videos and be ready to pass a written and practical test before using any tools in the lab.

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