Spring has Sprung, The Grass has Risen, Now lets get this Robot Going and Prolong this Season!

The Chesapeake Regional is under way at the University of Maryland Exfinity Center.  We had a great day of practice where we worked on some technique and are now rearing to get going.   We added an arm, worked on our auton and starting making stacks of 5.  But, we broke a tab and struggled with horizontal cans.  We will be adding some additional tabs today to help with making those pickups easier.

Todat we also had several of our team members interviewed by the Montgomery County Public School System for their website.

All in all it was a good day, but it was a scary day. the competition here is definitely stiff. Last week their was one robot with a relatively good Offensive Point Rating (OPR).   This week their are 6… So we will need to pick up our game and aim for 100pts a match if we want to remain competitive.

If you can’t make the event and want to watch from home or the office here is the live stream http://www.thebluealliance.com/gameday#view_0=2015mdcp-1


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