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Sponsorship and Budget FaQs

Q: What kind of organization is Team 1389?
A: Team 1389 operates as a club of Walt Whitman High School.
Q: How are team sponsorships or donations handled?
A: Contributions may be made payable to: Walt Whitman High School — Robotics Team 1389. The WWHS Federal Tax ID is #52-6000989. Arrangements for contributions that must be received by a 501 c (3) not-for-profit entity may be made through the Whitman School Education Foundation. To get more information about making a contribution, contact team treasurer Lori Newsom
Q: What’s the team’s budget for 2014-2015?
A: The team’s fundraising goal is $40,000, to help cover FIRST and tournament registration fees, parts, tools and other expenses of its build season and competitions.
Q: How does the team raise its budget?
A: Team families contribute a significant portion of the budget through donations. Students and families contribute sweat equity in fundraising events throughout the year. Sponsorships and donations are sought from area corporations, foundations, government agencies, and/or area donors.For more information, please email admin@team1389.com

Please consider Becoming a sponsor today by donating online or contacting us at admin@team1389.com

Thank you very much for your time and contribution.

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