We Need Space

We are looking for companies to help the club by providing space for the students to work.

We are looking for something around 7100 Whittier Blvd. Bethesda that we could have evening and weekend access to. Our current at the school is limited in size costs the club money when they need to open up on the weekends.

We are looking to also get access to a machine shop who would help train and mentor our students.  In our last three seasons we have had zero injuries and have put all of our students through tool training courses.

What is our average schedule?

In the fall we would need the space Tues and Thursdays from 6-8 In the Spring we would need the space 3 times a week and at least one weekend day if we could, preferably both weekend days. Weekdays would be from 6-8 and weekend days would be from 9-6.

What do we do at the space?

Mentors will train kids on how to use a variety of tools and components. Once armed with this knowledge mentors will oversee the fabrication of parts, the assembling of the robot and the testing of the robot. Students are encouraged to do as much of the work as possible so mentors are there to keep the students safe and to assist them when they get stuck.

Will the kids act rowdy?

The students who are part of this program sign up to a strict behavior policy, and safety policy. At no point will a student who is being disrespectful of others be allowed to participate in the program. This includes damaging property or disturbing others. The policy that each student is held to is quite clear and so far the program has only had to ask one student to stop participating do to theft.


If this sounds like something you could help us with we would love to hear from you please email us

Don’t have any space? Please consider Becoming a sponsor today by donating online or contacting us at admin@team1389.com

Thank you very much for your time and contribution.

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