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Thinking about going GREEN?


We’ve got a simple way to do it! It will save you money and you will help Bethesda school students compete at the FIRST Robotics World Championship as well as score scholarships to top universities!   Imagine this- light bulbs that last over 20,000 hours and, if used 3 hours a day, last over 9 YEARS (current incandescent light bulbs last a mere 3-4 months at the same rate). This means: saving money on bulbs and on your electric bill! In fact, within one year, these bulbs pay for themselves just on your electric bill savings.  Plus 1/2 of each purchase goes to the team and is a tax deductible donation.

Significant upgrades and new features:

  • Manufactured by Cree, Inc., Durham, NC
  • Dimmable with standard dimmers
  • Instant Full Brightness
  • All around light distribution (light in all directions, like an incandescent)
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • 25,000 hour average operating life (33 times longer than conventional lighting)
  • Bulbs feature soft white temperature, contain no Mercury and are tested to comply with FCC standards.


We have two different size bulbs 60W and 100W. Click on the links below to learn more

Cree e-watt saver Information Sheet 60 watt replacement

Cree e-watt saver Information Sheet 100 watt replacement

We’ve got the 60W for $15 a bulb and the 100W for $30 a bulb. These bulbs do not require any special disposal, they carry no radiation or environmentally unfriendly chemicals, they do not heat up, they have a plastic casing so they do not break, and they plug into all of your current devices. The money raised from these light-bulb sales goes towards raising funds for robot building, learning and fun.

So please, help our robotics club and green up your world and email us at to get your light bulbs today.

The club is still in its first year and needs to raise $50,000 in order to pay for tools, materials, summer activities, insurance, and next year’s build season.


We ship via USPS Priority Mail. Free shipping for purchases of six or more bulbs.

Don’t need any lightbulbs? Please consider Becoming a sponsor today by donating online or contacting us at

Thank you very much for your time and contribution.

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