Ways to Help

There are several ways to help the team

  • Donate Space

The Club is in need of a new work space for the 2016-2017 school season.  If you have a space that the club could use on evenings and weekends we would be very excited to hear from you. Please email us admin@team1389.com

  • Donate Resources

The Club needs funding, food, space and other logistical help to keep the team going. You can Donate below or contact the team to learn more. Join our list of current donors. Click here to learn about the various donor levels

  • Donate Tools or Materials to the Team

The Club needs tools and materials to get ready for this fall’s build season. Please click tools or materials to see if anything that is old to you could be new to us.

  • Donate Services

Does your company make things, print things, do things or sell things?  Our club is in essence a small business and has many of the same needs for printing, machining, parts, and other services that your company may provide.

  • Purchase LED Light Bulbs

The team is selling LED light bulbs as a fund raiser. Please consider buying one or two bulbs or cases today.

  • Help Spread the Word

We need to change to the world. To do that we need a lot of help and a big megaphone.  If you can email your customers, send a blast to your followers or just put a poster up in your store it will help increase the size of our megaphone and the opportunities for Bethesda students.  

Please consider Becoming a sponsor today by donating online or contacting us at admin@team1389.com

Thank you very much for your time and contribution.

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