Some Risks are Worth Taking

Last year we competed more, won more, worked more than any we had in any of our last 13 seasons.  But, it was not enough, last season we also created a hunger for more.  So now, we find ourselves at the beginning of our 14th FIRST Robotics Competition Season trying to figure out how to make more possible.  And as we look at all of the choices ahead of us one option stands out, we need to risk more.



Each student is going to have to make choices about how they are going to spend their time this school year.  Many, may choose to play it safe and go with what they know or what their friends are doing.  Other students will take more risks, and try something new because something inside of them is urging them to explore the world.  These are the students that will walk down the path to greatness, they may stumble and trip along the way, but they are boldly going somewhere they have never been.  These are the types of students the Walt Whitman Robotics team is looking for.  These are the students that will allow our team to change our destiny and even possibly the world.

Some people think robotics is just about building a robot, the reality is that we build leaders and community one robot at a time.  If you are think you want to be more, you need to check out robotics.



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