Shop Cleaning

Over the last two weeks of school the team has been cleaning and organizing the shop.  The team has realized that we want to get event more organized than we were this year. We have also realized that we have a lot of stuff we no longer need.  With those thing said the team has put together a plan to make those two things happen.

  • This fall we are going to organize a swap meet for any robotics program to come and pick through our excess inventory and take what they needs so that we can help programs in the area.  Special preference will be given to rookie and struggling teams.  Some examples of items we have to much of are batteries, motors, motor controllers, legacy control system components.
  • This fall we are going to purchase more roll out organizing shelves and organizing bins so we can make our remaining inventory as easy to find and use as possible.  We are going to couple this organizational effort with a massive amount of labeling to make navigating the shop room easier for everyone. We think this will go a long way towards not wasting time trying to fin things that are not put away properly.



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