Review and planning meeting today at 4:30 pm

Today the team will go over what went well, what did not go so well, what we need to change and what we want to do more of so that at the next competition in Edgwater in a week and a half we see improvements. we will also ask everyone if they want to do something different at the event, would they like to try a different role.

We are also going to announce a policy change for the team, for every event going forward all students will get a minimum of two days off prior to and after each event to make time available to study.  This means our stop work day for the Edgwater event in March 23rd.

Since we did not meet yesterday the list of things to do has not changed much, but we have added a few hings

  • Vision code – started
  • Main code part 2 – started
  • Strategy part 2 – not started
  • Scouting system part 2 – not started
  • Awards part 2 – not started
    • Chairman’s video part 2 – not started
  • Competition documents part 2 – not started
    • Tech Journal part 2 – not started
    • Judges Packet part 2 – not started
    • 1 sheeter part 2 – not started
    • Pit Video part 2 – not started
    • Chairman’s presentation part 2 – not started
    • Bill of Materials part 2- not started
  • Pre-competition scouting part 2 – started
  • Pre season scouting and risk survey part 2 – started
  • Climber pushed to after second event
  • Defensive Cheescake – not started
  • Refurbish robot cart not started (lost new cart at competition, need to start again)
  • Paint Pit – pushed to after first event
  • Upgraded alpha turret and arm – not started
  • Fix bumpers – started
  • Add camera mounts and two cameras – started
  • identify parts we need to order – not started



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