Ranked 12, finished 4th in semi finals and won the GM Industrial Design Award

Not to bad for the first regional of the year.

Big shout out to team 1421 and 614 for creating a great alliance!!  I think we all had fun and learned how important checking all wire connections prior to elliminations matches is.

Congrats to team 1885 for winning the Chairmans Award and teams 3419, 623, and 4541 for taking home the blue banner.

The team blew its goals out of the water.

  • Winning record – CHECK
  • Make it into elliminations – CHECK
  • Win an award – CHECK
  • Get 2 safety smiley faces – CHECK
  • Get an award from another team – CHECK and CHECK (thanks to 5520 “Duck and Cover”)

The robot performed well, we only broke one part and we only lost comes in one practice match.  Other than that we averaged 60.36 in qualifications and 86.80 in elliminations.

The team also cheered well. Check out these cheers and all of our videos from the weekend here

The team also scouted well. in fact we were recognized by several teams for having great scouting data.

All around the team did great, the robot did great and we are going to work hard this week to make some tweeks to the bot and our driving strategy to get our OPR up to 70. See you next week at the  Chesapeake Regional – 4/2/15 to 4/4/15 – College Park, MD.



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