Prototypers R Us

You need a prototype, yo we got it. You need another one, yo we got it.  That is our entire week this week, trying at least 3 of every system.

Our design objectives for this season are;

  • Primary – Climb rope to the top in 10 seconds from touching the rope and stay at top past buzzer
  • Primary – Pick up gears from feeder station and drop them off at the peg with a max of 20 seconds per cycle
  • Primary – Be able to drive nearly 20ft per second and highly maneuverable
  • Secondary – Pick up balls from the floor
  • Secondary – Store 20 balls or more on the robot
  • Secondary – Deposit 20 balls in the low goal in less that 3 seconds
  • Tertiary – Pick up gears from the ground
  • Tertiary – Shoot 20 balls in the high goal in 5 seconds with 50% accuracy

To reduce the risk of our final design not working we are going to prototype the following this week.

  • Capturing the rope
  • Climbing the rope
  • What rope works the best
  • How to stay at the top of the rope
  • How to intake a gear from the feeder
  • How to store a gear
  • How to identify the gear drop off zone autonomously with vision
  • How to drop off a gear
  • How fast to drive
  • How fast t turn
  • How to pick up balls off the floor
  • How to automate the ball pic up mechanism / make it passive
  • How to move balls to a hopper
  • How to maximize the number of balls in a small space
  • How to hold the balls
  • How to dump balls in the low goal
  • How to shoot / force balls in the low goal at the fastest speed possible
  • How to pick up gears from the ground
  • How to position gears for being deposited
  • How to identify the high goal with vision
  • How to shoot balls with wheels
  • How to shoot balls with flippers
  • How to shoot 2, 3, 4 and 5 balls at a time into the high goal

Yesterday we also started working on various CAD concepts to get a better handle on the overall packaging of the systems.  Here are some of our draft concepts.

Along with this we have been doing a lot of research, Here is a our 2017 research play list.

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