Vex-LogoVEX Competition Overview

The VEX Robotics Design System was developed and engineered with co-curricular and extracurricular robotics competitions specifically in mind. VEX equipment owners have a rapidly expanding selection of opportunities to experience the fun, motivation and excitement of competition. Some robotics competitions feature the VEX System exclusively while others have made select VEX components legal for participation. While the goals and resource requirements of these programs vary, they each leverage the affordability, reliability, flexibility and safety of the VEX System and components.

Motivate and excite students through competition in the classroom.

This program is specifically tailored to bring the magic of robotics competition into the classroom. Robotics is an engaging way to integrate all facets of STEM education into the classroom and head-to-head competition is a natural way to capture students’ attention. During the excitement that comes with building and competing with their robots, students will be having too much fun to realize they’re learning important STEM concepts and life skills!

A single teacher can easily implement all aspects of this program as part of their daily classroom activities. It may be easily integrated with other STEM curriculum and activities. Click here to learn more.

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