Robotics Competitions


The Walt Whitman Robotics Club is all about getting kids into STEM majors and careers. To do this we have decided to participate in all manner of student robotics competitions. These competitions give students the ability to design, build and program their own robots. These students clubs get the opportunity to compete in nationally recognized robot competitions. These students also get mentored by professionals so that they can learn more than just technical skills.

The Walt Whitman Robotics Club focuses on two types of robotics competitions

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But there are many more different types of competitions that the club could support if students and volunteers are willing to put in the time. These include MATE, SeaPerch, BEST, Robot Olympiad, Space Lab, World Skills Competition, Cyber Patriot Competitiont, Zero Robotics Competition, Moonbots Competition and the Space Elevator Competition. And there are many more, so if you find one you like and have some support we can work with you to get a team started.

As always we are looking for students, volunteers and partners to join us

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