Preping for a Meeting With Montgomery County School Board

We are meeting with the Montgomery County School Board on October 19th at Richard Montgomery HS at 4pm.  The goals of the meeting on the 19th are to convince School Board to support the following;

  • Classify FIRST as a sport and remove cost barriers to access school resources
  • Addition of teacher stipends for robotics coaches commensurate with football coaches
  • Host and Fund Robotics events in MoCo

We will be working with schools from across he county to continue the dialogue that was started over the summer. We would like to encourage every school on the list below to participate. Thanks to Richard Montgomery HS FTC team for putting this together

MCPS schools

Here are the talking points we used over the summer that will be starting point for our conversation on the 19th. The meeting will last 75 minutes and will include 15 minutes for robot demo’s at the end. We are going to  hosting a teleconference on the 11th at 6 pm to get our plan in place. If you are interested in planning or participating in the meeting please email to get more details.


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