Presenting our 2016 Robot: Maelstrom

Maelstrom is the result of a thousands of hours of work put in by Walt Whitman students, volunteers, parents and sponsors to play this year’s FRC game Strong Hold.


Drivetrain Speed: 12 ft./sec

6 wheel west coast drive with 8” wheels

14.5” inches tall

Single fly wheel shooter capable of 13 ft. max shots

Over defense shooter arm can be raised to any angle up to 90 degrees

Shooter arm fully turreted

All motion encoder enabled

Navx field location capability

3 Auton Modes:

Damage low bar

Damage rough terrain

Damage ramparts

Robot Has Demonstrated:

Score 2 high goal cycles in 2 min

Score 4 low goal cycles in 2 min

Defeat Low Bar

Defeat Ramparts

Defeat Rough Terrain

Defeat Rock Wall

Carry Boulder over all Defenses

Robot Plans to Demonstrate:

Defeat Mote

Defeat Portcullis

Defeat Chavel De Freis

Defeat Sally port with Partner

Defeat Draw Bridge with Partner

Score 4 high goal cycles in 2 min

Score 6 low goal cycles in 2 min

Score boulder in Auton


Everything you want to know and more about this year’s robot can be found in our tech journal



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