Power On Today

We are getting so close.  The team made some big strides forward today, but…we also had a few setbacks.  More bumper modifications are needed, we had to raise the height of the robot by .5 inches and our electrical system needs some more protection.  We also need to take apart the drive train to add the encoders, so hopefully we can do that quickly this week on top of finishing the bumpers and code.

Over all we are running a few days late, but that is to be expected after losing 8 days.  As luck would have it, we may have 2 more snow days this week, so we took the robot out and will work on it for as long as we can. Our code and electrical team are ecstatic as they may have more time to work on the robot this week than we planned.

Today we also started our pre scouting and have asked all of the teams in the CHS district to fill out our questionnaire at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1LU96XqYKVSPKMzVIlnneMGSPTpf_cc_7pcuKC8z69kw/edit?uiv=1. Please take a moment to fill it out.

  • Drive train – started
  • Bumpers – started
  • Electrical board – started
  • Turret arm prototype – done
  • Turret arm – started
  • Turntable – done
  • Shooter – started
  • Vision – started
  • Main code – started
  • Strategy – done
  • Scouting system – started
  • Awards – started
    • Chairman’s – done
    • Wood Flowers – done
  • Competition documents – not started
  • Pre-competition scouting – started
  • Inviting local leaders to events – not started
  • Bellypan – started
  • Pre season scouting and risk survey – started
  • Reveal video – not started
  • Climber – not started
  • Defensive Cheescake – not started




Heads up this week, on Monday the team be having an admin meeting at 5 pm and on Wednesday the team will host driver selection.  For driver test students will be tested on driving skill and how well they know the rules from this season.

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