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Dear All,

For the first time in its 12-year history, the Walt Whitman High School FIRST Robotics Club has qualified for the FIRST Championship in St. Louis, Missouri! We will join 900 teams representing 39 countries at the Edward Jones Dome from April 27-30 and compete for the 2016 World Championship. It is very gratifying that months of hard work conceptualizing, designing, building, programming, modifying and testing our robot has resulted in this unprecedented success.

While we are proud of our accomplishments this year at two District competitions and the Chesapeake Regional, we recognize that much hard work remains as we will be competing against the best teams in the world.  Additionally, we face the logistical challenge of transporting our robot Maelstrom, our work station, 20 team members, and parent volunteers to St. Louis on relatively short notice. The entry fee for the FIRST Championship is $5,000 we expect to spend an equal amount on transportation, lodging, and other costs.

The Walt Whitman Robotics Club is led by over 10 volunteer engineers, scientists, grad students, parents, teachers and people from the community who want to give back and helps kids see STEM as fun and not just homework.  In our last year we worked with over 40 high school students and have seen enough of a change in how these kids think that we are smitten with the idea of using robotics competitions to make learning fun.

We have set a goal of raising $10,000 over the next two weeks to support our endeavor. As a valued sponsor of our team, The Body Electric (Team #1389), we are hopeful that you might consider making an additional contribution to our team to assist us as we embark on our journey to St. Louis and the FIRST Championship. We certainly would welcome assistance at any level.

There are two ways to give:

Thank you for your remarkable support of Team 1389!


The Walt Whitman Robotics Team

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