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Students Teaching Students

Our students will be doing a lot of learning this year. But since most people learn more when they have to teach our students will also be doing a lot of teaching.

  • On-line contributions – Our students will be building a how to section on our web page to document common training that future Walt Whitman Robotics Club students. The team will also be contributing toChief Delphi to enable all teams to benefit from any knowledge the team gathers.
  • Each Students will be responsible for a fall research project that will help them learn about a specific facet of running a robotics team or building a robot. These presentations will be a survey of the various options that have been used over time. These presentations will be posted here after the students present to their classmates and sponsors.
    • More research ideas and details concerning the research projects can be found here
  • Attending DC Science Festival to help teach the public about robots, robotics and STEM education

More teaching opportunities to come

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