The club breaks the year up into four blocks

  • Build Season Dec 20 to March 1
    • Spring is the start of the clubs busiest season. Many of the club activities revolve around building robots for competitions. The competitions have various build schedules and requirements, so depending on which program your student is involved with they may be competing or building during the spring. The club meets several times a week and on weekends to make sure that the students involved in the various programs are not limited by time to complete their robots.
  • Competition season March 1 to April 30
    • The second half of the spring school year is when most of the competitions that the club participates in come to a conclusion. Many of the robotics competitions mimic their athletic counterparts with a local, regional state and national competition. So if the club that your student is on is successful they may be competing for the duration of this period, if not the competition season is shortened. While the program is competing the students maybe meeting up to 5 times a week.
  • Post Season May 1 to Sept 15
    • During the summer the club has a relaxed schedule only meeting once or twice a week based around learning concepts and training students on specific skills. We have affectionately named all of the programs that take place in the summer camp kick start.
  • Pre Season Sept 15 to Dec 20
    • This is the season for recruiting and training new club members. Meetings a few nights a week will focus on hands on learning and mini robotics projects.

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