Our mission is to provide a direction for students: a path that leads to friendship, school spirit, technical education, and a bright future after graduation from high school.

To that end the Walt Whitman Robotics Club is all about learning.  Each student will learn a lot about what it takes to build a robot.  But beyond that we want our students  to grow as people.   Our club’s driving metric is to get each student who joins into college top colleges.  This is a tough road for many Walt Whitman students and will require all of our students to work hard in the classroom, the workroom and in their community. To help them along the way the Walt Whitman Robotics Club has put together a set of resources that will make this work fun and grow the need to learn.

Walt Whitman Robotics Club is an after school program that brings together mentors and students to complete all types of technology based projects. This short video walks you through a little bit about our program.


Our curriculum focuses on using robotics as a means of engaging students and developing interesting and challenging experiences with science, engineering and technology. We also uses a variety of media and means to engage students.

Why Robotics

Intel Survey Finds Job Variety and Earning Power Motivate U.S. Teens to Consider Engineering as a Career

  • A critical step to creating more American engineers is nurturing an interest in high school, or earlier, so there is a healthy pool of engineering students entering college.
  • Any facts about engineering, including what engineers actually do and, specifically, how much money they earn, motivate more than half of teens to say they are more likely to consider engineering as a career.
  • Programs such as robotics and science competitions offer teens the real-world, hands-on experience with engineering that improves the likelihood that they will get hooked on the subject and pursue it in college.

The impact of Robotics Competition on students is measurable and positive

The ultimate measures of high tech hands on learning effectiveness are the degree to which alumni go on to have productive educational experiences, careers, and lives in their communities. the Brandies study indicates that alumni are making a successful transition to college, and are much more likely to pursue interests in science and technology and become involved in their communities than is the case for college-going students generally or for the matched group of comparison students.

Please explore the site to learn more about the program or contact us at with questions



  • Student Out Reach
  • Volunteering
  • Advocacy
  • Awareness


  • Team / Family Dinners
  • Team Banquet

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