OK, so we are ranked 7th after day 1…..WE ARE RANKED 7TH!!!!!!!

Last year the team finished both competitions ranked very low and the team worked really hard to turn that around this year.  It looks like all of that handwork all season is paying off.

We had our first match over 100 yesterday with teams 3490 and 1895 and scored a combined 117 points. We were set to do it for a second time in a row 2964 and 1421 but dropped our first stack. We stopped rushing it and started to calm down and focus on getting our two stacks to the scoring platform.

We also spoke to a lot of judges and did our second ever chairman’s presentation. We also turned in the team’s video with a small edit to remove some copy written material. Congrats judging team for getting all of the awards done.

We also received a happy face from the inspectors.  One of our mentors said he does not think the team has ever received a happy face from safety before.  Congrats Pit team on making that happen.

The team was pumped yesterday and ready for a 3 more matches and possible the opportunity to be an elimination team captain.

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