Off Season events 2016

We have signed up for three off season events this fall.

  • Battle O’Baltimore – Sept 24th 2016
    • All team members can participate fully
  • Girl Power – October 8th 2016
    • Female team members can participate fully
    • Male team members can support from the stands
  • Rumble in the Roads – November 5th 2016
    • All team members can participate fully

Frequently Asked question

  1. What is an off season event?  Off Season Events are competitions run by teams outside the FRC Competitions Season.
  2. Why should I attend an off season event? To practice your skills, to try something new, to see what FRC is all about.
  3. Who should attend an off season event?  Everyone, especially students who want to drive the robot this season.  Anyone who wants to drive this season has to have driven at an off season event.
  4. What happens at an off season event?  Its a real competition that is smaller than a district and takes up one day.  Teams compete to win the event and the awards.
  5. What game will we be playing? We will be playing the 2016 FRC game stronghold.

If you are planning on attending, please fill in this survey

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