Nearly 2,000 people stopped by to play robots with us this weekend

What a weekend we just had at Walt Whitman High School.  We had 39 teams, we had nearly 600 students, we had nearly 800 parents and another 600 visitors stop by our high school to play robots.  We also had public officials stop by from the county, the state and the federal level.  Here is our county council person Hans Riemer checking out our pit.


By the way man did we have fun.  Smiles were contagious as all of the teams worked hard to make sure everyone was on the field vying for their shot at the finals.

But behind the teams and visitors were two more groups of people who were real reasons the weekend was such a success.  Volunteers from FIRST, Walt Whitman, Americor and several other teams put in over nearly 4,500 hours of time into this event to setup, keep things goings, trouble shoot and cleanup was one group.  Maintenance and security from Walt Whitman High School was the second.  If you have not reached out to thank these people for what they did to make this weekend possible. Please do.

As for the team, we could not have had a better first outing than we had this weekend.  We finished ranked 6th, we worked the kinks out of our drive train autonomous.  We also worked out some of the issues with the arm so now low goal cycles are pretty easy for us. We also tested some of the functionality on the defenses and found that most of our untested capabilities work; chavel de fris, port cullis and high goal shots are a few examples.  We found some things that didn’t work or that need to be made more robust; our intake lower arm, out shooter and our bumpers.  We also learned how to play the game and how important pre checks are.  And when we say pre checks we mean touch every wire and every bolt to make sue they are connected and tight.

Here is what we need to work on over the next two weeks

  • Vision code – started
  • Main code part 2 – started
  • Strategy part 2 – not started
  • Scouting system part 2 – not started
  • Awards part 2 – not started
    • Chairman’s video part 2 – not started
  • Competition documents part 2 – not started
    • Tech Journal part 2 – not started
    • Judges Packet part 2 – not started
    • 1 sheeter part 2 – not started
    • Pit Video part 2 – not started
    • Chairman’s presentation part 2 – not started
    • Bill of Materials part 2- not started
  • Pre-competition scouting part 2 – started
  • Pre season scouting and risk survey part 2 – started
  • Climber pushed to after second event
  • Defensive Cheescake – not started
  • Refurbish robot cart – not started (lost new cart at competition, need to start again)
  • Paint Pit – pushed to after first event
  • Upgraded alpha turret and arm – not started
  • Fix bumpers – started
  • Add camera mounts and two cameras – started


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