Monday We Went Over Electrical Systems

The electrical system is the Most Important System on your robot. It is the system that moves the mechanical system around. Getting your electrical system right is critical to your team’s success.

We went through the complete 2015 electrical system diagram from FIRST and here is sample of some of the things we talked about;

  • The difference between power and control
  • How many cells are in an FRC battery: 6
  • How many volts should a good FRC battery have: near or over 13 volts
  • What the main breaker protects: wires
  • What are wires: resisters
  • What protects the electrical components: the gauge of the wire and the fuse on the power distribution board
  • We talked about digital power curves vs analog power curves: the top is analog
  • What is a spike: a electrical switch controlled by code
  • What is a solenoid: a fluid switch controlled by code
  • The voltage regulation module is a transformer: it converts DC to AC
  • The Power distribution board distributes: power
  • The RoboRio distributes and collects: control signals
  • There are five types of motor controllers available to the team: Victor, Jaguar, Talon, Talon SRX and Victor SP
  • The team will be using which of the motor controllers for the 2016 season: Vistor SP
  • What does the light do: keep you safe
  • What can a motor do: change electrical energy to mechanical energy and vice versa
  • The pneumatic control module regulates: solenoids
  • What is the maximum amperage the CIM motor can consume: 40 amps
  • Anderson connectors: critical
  • Connectors and wiring: need to be done very well
  • The radio look like ht only: new electrical component for 2016

After going through all of the components of the electrical system we went through how these components are used in an FRC robot. We studied our 2015 robot and as well as other team’s robots to look for things we have done well, things we are not doing and places where we can improve.

Below are some great electrical resources student can use to get to know more about this critical system.

Here are some great electrical systems to emulate.


Next Monday we go over drive trains

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