Why Volunteer?

Volunteering for the Walt Whitman Robotics Club is the perfect way to feel connected to your community. The simple act of offering your skills and enthusiasm to students will positively impact their lives, as well as your own.

The intent of volunteerism is to both generate and harness the community’s desire to assist in the overall improvement of the quality of education for every Bethesda student. Each individual brings a unique perspective, which fosters relationships and interaction with other volunteers, community leaders and students.

Volunteering Promotes Social Change

Several factors drive people into community service, but the powerful force behind volunteering is the social change that is made through the inspiration of people to make a difference to help those in need. Organizations like ours cannot function without the energy and input of volunteers like you.

Volunteering is an invaluable experience and engaging in service creates a valuable dimension to our community. We invite you to explore volunteering opportunities in our club and help us help others.

Everyone Can Help

We know that everyone has a talent to offer, whether it’s expertise in a particular field or simply offering their valuable time to help fulfill volunteer opportunities within their community.

How Can I Get Involved with the Walt Whitman Robotics Club?

The Walt Whitman Robotics Club has a number of programs that individuals can volunteer for locally.

  • FLL Teacher
  • FLL Mentor
  • FTC Teacher
  • FTC Mentor
  • VEX Teacher
  • Vex Mentor
  • FRC Teacher
  • FRC Mentor
  • Camp Kick Start Instructor
  • Walt Whitman Robotics Club Leadership Board

For inquiries related to volunteering please email admin@team1389.com

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