Maryland Joins a Short List of States Who Fund Robotics K-12 Programs

Over the past several months, FRC and FTC teams from across Maryland have been working with state level law makers to Establishment of Robotics Grants Program.  Last week, Karen Salmon from the Maryland State Deputy Superintendent of Education informed us that the Robotics Grant Program is a go and that it will be funded to the tune of $250,000 starting July 1st 2017.  The details about how team can access the funds are are going to be worked out over the next year and team’s will be able to apply for the funds starting next summer.  Thanks for all of the hardwork Delegates Reznik, Barkley, Barve, Brooks, Ebersole, Glenn, Jalisi, Kipke, Lam, McKay, Pena–Melnyk, and K. Young on the Maryland House side as well as the Nancy King on the Maryland Senate Side.  The bill calls for the creation of a grants program through the Department of Education to provide much needed financial assistance to robotics programming throughout the state.  The full text of each bill can be found here HB 115 and SB 582.

Next up, Getting the State of Maryland to declare Robotics a sport so that robotics teams across the state can get access to the funding and administrative support they need to take their game to the next level.


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