Maryland and Montgomery County Robotics Funding Updates

So there is some Good news and some Bad news about the bills and grants we have been working on this year.

  • Good News.  The state level bills HB 115 and SB 582 have passed and are sitting on Governor Larry Hogans desk.
  • Bad News. The bill that made it to the Governors desk cut the planned funding for robotics across the state from $500,000 to $250,000.  This is a good start, we hope that next year we can urge state level law makers to make STEM and Robotics a bigger priority and demonstrate that support through increased funding.
  • CALL TO ACTION: We need everyone across the state to reach out to Governor Larry Hogan and his staff to let them know this is important and needs to be funded. To contact the Governor;
    1. Please go to this form
    2. Fill in all of your contact information
    3. Copy and past this this subject “Pass HB 115 and SB 582 to elevate MD Robotics”
    4.  Copy and paste the template into the message box

Keep pushing, we know every Maryland student appreciates your efforts.


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Please take the time to reach out to our elected officials so we can help grow robotics!


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